Maoist Internationalist Movement Lite, tastes better, less filling

February 15, 2008

Welcome to MIM Lite, a blog to continue where the Maoist Internationalist Movement (1983-2008) left off.

We have cut back our topics of discussion in order to make this blog more accessible and carry out leftover tasks.

We gathered too many controversies at the old website for people to keep up with. That included giving out praise that was undeserved and receiving praise from false flatterers. Starting over regains control of the writing process.

  • One practical task we have left over is to find bookstores in the Third World that would like to receive our abundant stash of MIM Theory magazines left over.
  • We also need to defend past MIM website authors.

Other than that we have a few topics to discuss and we will probably cover some political economic theory.

Readers should know that MIM and MIM Lite are heavily monitored. keeps information on your IP address, which means that there could be an attempt to locate the computer of the reader of the MIM Lite site. There can also be attempts to track your location and web surfing habits. Finally, the state can infect your computer with a software that will not be detected to display you visually across the Internet. People should know more about security.


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