A counterrevolutionary obstacle

March 8, 2008

This is for people paying attention and won’t make sense to others.

For how many years did MIM say that it was up to its eyebrows in spies? Yet the obstacle told people MIM was “scaring” people away per the orders of the state with paranoia.

When we told some of the obstacles’ circles that COINTELPRO was at work, they came back with a death threat in 2006 and said there was no COINTELPRO “of course not.”

When we pointed right at the Department of Homeland Security, the obstacle defended it. 

If you cannot see that the obstacle carried out Bush Jr.’s orders in 2006 and carried out armed struggle against MIM on behalf of Bush Jr. in 2006, you are not paying attention. If you replied with an ad hominem attack on MIM for drowning in spies, you are trying to have things both ways. Drowning in spies is the fate of real communists in the imperialist countries and we said it every step of the way in the face of our critics’ denials. The idea that some revolutionary white proletariat outnumbers the spies is pure fantasy, useful in disarming the real struggle as it actually exists, not as we would wish it. MIM’s enemies are chiefly responsible for spreading deluded ideas about the balance of forces. The truth is that the enemy sends wave after wave of financial, sexual, drug and alcohol attackers. The only question is whether we can stay on our own course or whether we have to adapt everything to Bush. If we look at the obstacle’s 2008 March web page, we see it adapting to Bush Jr. again, to curry Bush Jr.’s favor in imperialist wars. That is plain as day to any genuine comrades.

Now our international comrades are in position to learn about an incident with MIM and Bush Sr. from Reagan’s second term and Bush Sr.’s term as president. We know they know the truth about this now. For how long did the obstacle serve Bush Sr. in this incident against MIM.

I’m referring to an incident in which MIM action resulted in an attack from Bush Sr. That physical attack was followed up by co-operation with Gorbachev’s KGB, which easily used some of the very same people who benefitted the most from MIM’s action against Bush Sr. The truth is coming out. These Amerikkkans attacking MIM included the kind not paying attention to the fact that Gorbachev and Yeltsin were lackeys of Bush Sr. They thought they did not have to pay attention to politics, just who is paying the piper, “action” in a career network. To this day, the obstacle has not publicly disowned its cooperation with Bush Sr. in this incident. Quite the contrary, the obstacle fomented an armed struggle partly based on this incident supporting Bush Sr.

Then came another incident, and again it was MIM in the “action” and the obstacle getting in the way. We know that this secret is also out. Just how stupid does one have to be not to understand that the obstacle was working for Bush Jr.?

True, saying the obstacle was working for the CIA was an understatement in the final truth of the matter as explained here. Yet it is not a wrong statement in terms of prophylaxis. Without knowing the final truth about spymaster Bush Sr., the people working with the obstacle could have known they were wrong at several points along the way.

The CIA is the covert servant of the State Department and Pentagon. The obstacle has allowed itself to be used as a covert tool of the imperialists in spite of its name. The obstacle’s position overlapped precisely with U.$. intelligence agencies. And still the obstacle started armed struggle against MIM.

The obstacle had NO investigation to go on for the Bush Sr. incident, but easily went along with Bush Sr.’s plans. How many times have we all said to study Lenin on organization? Joreen? How many times over the years did we say that white nationalism is the default? Yet, prophylactically, the obstacle tossed all that and spread rumors and sabotaged work and endangered people. Had the obstacle acted on the idea that uninvestigated rumors are default white nationalist, the obstacle would have stayed out of trouble. So even if we go with the idea that the vast majority of people are easily “duped” by the likes of Bush Sr., it was only after failing to follow principles easily available from MIM, Joreen or Lenin. That is why this is completly unacceptable. Even if the obstacle was no good in finding truth in the last instance, a half-way decent political procedure would have kept it from being Bush Jr.’s lapdog.


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