Not a youthful indiscretion

March 11, 2008

This won’t make sense except to people paying attention before, as it is with some documents here. They cannot all be taken as standing alone.

That document was not a youthful indiscretion by MIM. It came from a non-youthful government official in a position to have it. Maybe he will step forward some day. The response to the document was “immature,” not MIM. No one attempted to come forward and say it was false, so there was nothing to check. What the document stated was in accordance with all publicly known facts. The government proceeded directly to physical violence and post-fact censorship.

For dumb pragmatist-Liberals hung up on experience, you can’t tell MIM Lite it’s a free country. We know from experience.

There are no lawyers currently authorized to work on issues connected to MIM leaders, no matter how friendly MIM may seem. People taking it on themselves to discuss legal issues are endangering MIM leaders for reasons we are not going to explain at this time.


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