Professional voyeurism and the Jacobin

March 14, 2008

We have argued that the united $tates is not fascist; although, it
appears in many ways lawless. The Monica Lewinsky debacle was
pornography, the relentless drive of the Pornographic Spectacle
Machine. It’s not that the Monica Lewinsky phenomenon came from a
Christian-fascist impulse, but rather a professional voyeur
motivation. There has been no domination of one section of finance
capital that imprisons another and outlaws other bourgeois parties.
There are still legally existing Democrats, Greens, Libertarians etc.The public political class in charge of the Spectacle Machine chooses
a career in the public eye. It is an easy road to power and
remuneration relative to the self-reliant Jacobin path.

In the halls of Congress, the choice of career in the public political class means that Cynthia McKinney has guards paid for by the public.
Her safety is rather assured with only some tension at the door.
Others of different demographic background have no reason for
imagining life outside of being constantly guarded by people defending
one’s class interests.The security guards’ treatment of McKinney demonstrates that though public guarding of public officials is accepted it is not problem-free even in the professional political class. The question of standards of treatment arises. It is a leap from that question to those outside the voyeur class.

Some have said that reports of spying on Amerikans demonstrate fascism. Another possibility is that spying occurs in the interests of the professional voyeur class, the gender bureaucracy.

Gary Hart, Bill Clinton and Mark Spitzer must endure for themselves
ridicule by the public, but over time they forget that it was on
account of their choice of career and mainstream political postures.
What is difficult for the MIM Lite reader is that ideology for the
voyeur class becomes an instrumentality for remuneration. For that
matter, instrumentalism is the general rule of the professional voyeur
class, not a fascist ideology.

The professional voyeur class unconsciously seeks to impose its
standards on the public in a kind of mistaken drive for equality.
Living amidst the paparazzi, the professional voyeur class requires
its own humiliations and sacrifices of others to justify its own
choice of remuneration and fame. It must have been correct to choose the course of working for a public political salary–though of course MIM Lite would say such careers among many others are inherently parasitic.

Except in rare historical circumstances, the effective Jacobin is
resented by the professional voyeur class. This our young dragons must understand. Lawless behavior against Jacobins may not always stem from fascism. Rather law recedes into the background, subordinate to the norms and sociology of the voyeur class.

Some Jacobins will be seen as ineffective for not writing or tending to
their resumes correctly. The idea that one should study the truth for
its own sake and not link one’s vita to a version of truth before one
knows what it is is foreign to the voyeur class. Rather for the voyeur
class, the truth is something to construct or accept for digestion for
the benefit of career.

When the voyeur class knows the Jacobin by face, it is on account of
a violation of the law, declassification and endangerment of the
Jacobin’s persynal security, but obviously such are not violations of
voyeur norms. Voyeur knowledge is thus a kind of tactical defeat for
the Jacobin. Yet, oddly enough such defeat is also simultaneously an
embrace. It means that the voyeur class sees the Jacobin worthy of sweeping into the Spectacle Machine. That’s why Mao said it was an honor to be attacked. Pornography is an attack as far as the international proletariat is concerned, but it is built into every moment’s existence in the voyeur class.

Within governable imperialist countries, ultimately successful challenge to the Pornographic Spectacle Machine is yet impossible. There are only variations of pretense that some forms of instrumentality are worse than others: otherwise it would be difficult to justify tabloid sales and spying budgets. If the housewife and the whore were indistinguishable as Engels and Catharine MacKinnon tended to stress in opposition to Liberalism, because of the all-embracing nature of hierarchy so far, it would be hard to get people excited about Spitzer and sell tabloids.

The Islamic radical is a particular challenge to the voyeur class. The
Islamic radical seems to propose a naive notion of individual
uniqueness that should not be swept into a Spectacle Machine. The
Islamic radical proposes that non-pornographic uniqueness is not a
reward for career networking skills or other norms of whiteness.
Rather in a non-pornographic system, the individual of whatever
predilections or connections would be outside Western imperialism’s
pornography. Pornography-free life is not a good chosen by a virtuous
lifestyle or advance in one hierarchy or another: inherently, non-pornographic life cannot be chosen or earned, only awarded to all in a liberated system.

The amateur dynamic is the only source or basis of power in revealing
the oppression of the Spectacle Machine. The voyeur class cannot
imagine sexuality or any single part of life apart from career, income
or other if need be psychologically imaginary hierarchies that are
analagous to and compatible with white nationalist hierarchy. MIM’s
attacks on the differing levels of intrinsic desire for sex disquiet
the voyeurs. Sex for its own sake and knowledge not for a career’s
sake cannot be possible for the voyeur class. One might oppose that
people pursue sex for its own sake, but the inability to conceive it
simply makes it impossible to disentangle sex from oppressive
hierarchies. On this question, it may be that the male is in fact ahead
of the female on average: Theory still seems to be the property of the male, as no less a theorist than Kristeva points out.

Hence, for the gender bureaucracy, Mark Spitzer is only “stupid about
sex.” The underlying riff is that he does not understand the link of
success to a somewhat intangible hierarchy. Non-pornographic life is
thus to be seen as a reward for individual competence. Those writing
against Spitzer to drag him to Spectacle Machine death prove their own competence as well, their power and position in the gender
bureaucracy. When we hear that word “stupid” we should ask about
competence in what system and whether pornography-free life is
possible in individual oases of whatever basis. Left out entirely is
the nature of Spitzer’s sex life on its own intrinsic terms. There is only
career, and hence his choice can only be “stupidity.” Whichever direction the outrage goes, what is left untouched is that sex does not exist outside career, which is in fact proof that all sex is coercive. Spitzer’s “stupidity” is an uninteresting argument about an individual relative to what is being said overall about entanglements.

Fragments of the voyeur class pose as the friend of the Jacobin, even
as they hand out the Jacobin’s life information to persynal and other
enemies. If the Jacobin rejects such friendship, it will be on account
of the Jacobin’s lack of a quality on a social hierarchy: that can be
safely predicted. So the Jacobin must understand that the rules of spy
vs. spy warfare are more helpful than any dominant norms of whiteness.

In a non-pornographic society, people would have to have a long
historical memory of many firings for exposure of perysnal
information in a power hierarchy context. The rumor mill and
pornographic magazine are fundamentally no different regardless of
what voters may be saying about candidates this year. The rumor
mill demonstrates the rumor-monger’s ability to expose some aspect
of someone else. The pornography magazine demonstrates the power of the magazine corporation to expose the skin of someone else.

In some employment institutions, any career related comment must be in writing in public. Anyone caught otherwise is fired. That is one way to attack pornography, not just white nationalism. Analagous procedures in all social life would have to exist to stem pornography. Claims otherwise are hot air benefitting voyeur class profits and other
interests. Lawlessness is part of the inherent historical logic of the
voyeur class’s existence. Pornography, the oldest profession and other
social ills persist, because outside dynamics or social forces face
systematic suppression.


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