How to celebrate International Wimmin’s Day

March 15, 2008

On March 8, International Wimmin’s Day, we continue to see U.$. organizations serve as appendages of the State Department instead of advancing revolutionary feminism. Completely in line with the State Department and even military organizations, these running dogs focus on backwardness in Islamic countries.

Our idea is different. For us, imperialism is decadent, while for the neo-conservatives, Trotskyists and others who are so ultra-Trotskyist they cannot recognize their own ideology, imperialism is advanced as are its technologically advanced workers and wimmin.

So on International Wimmin’s Day, those of us who see imperialism as decadent talk about the decadence of U.$. adult females, the oppression of children and the oppression of Third World peoples sexually by U.$. females. 

For the State Department, neo-conservatives, Phyllis Chesler and ultra-Trotskyists, International Wimmin’s Day is a day to make U.$. adult females feel good by bashing Iran and Afghanistan. Seeing wimmin and workers of the united $tates as technologically and socially advanced leads to patriotism, Phyllis Chesler style.

In contrast, real Marxist-Leninist-Maoists apply Marxism against the theory of the productive forces–with attention to local conditions. We do not believe that U.$. females are so “advanced.” Rather they are economically comfortable and inclined to believe they deserve that comfort and that there must be something wrong with wimmin in Third World countries if they do not enjoy that comfort.

It all comes down to whether Lenin and Sultan-Galiev were correct that imperialism is decadent or whether they were old farts and sourpusses and imperialism actually continues to advance as Trotsky argued. Those who stress capital accumulation and the advance of the productive forces (technology included) are in Trotsky’s boat whether they know it or not.

True, Amerikan females have gained superior access to education and the economy and even surpass males in education now. Yet, we have argued that that is an economic factor related to how the united $tates has taken workers from other countries and bourgeoisified them here, mostly as petty-bourgeoisie. Economic wealth is not proof of wimmin’s liberation.

Most foreigners judging Amerikan females find them lacking in moral reasoning of any kind. The reason is that relatively speaking, Amerikan females are lacking in moral reasoning, because they come from a socially decadent country that happens to enjoy a great living standard based on parasitism.

The Trotskyists believe that Amerikans being so advanced they are exploited more as workers and contribute more than enough labor to form their living standard. On a corresponding basis, they hold that Amerikan female moral behaviors are liberated ones, not the sign of an imperialist system. Technologically advanced and liberated as wimmin, Amerikan females are justifiably proud of their international position according to Trotskyism, which has become an important disguise for patriotism.

We at MIM Lite want to see wimmin enjoy high education levels–as high as men’s–and enter the economy on an equal basis. However, we want to see that happen without exploiting the rest of the world. U.$. exploitation has gone so far along with U.$. sexual advantages, that Amerikan females are in fact gender oppressors when viewed in overall international perspective.


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