Three toilet whirlpools and dialectics

March 15, 2008

In the last 10 years, MIM has been the intersection of three whirlpools. One we can picture as a small toilet bowl whirlpool, another is a large one and a third is a colossal one.

The smallest whirlpool is created by ourselves, covering a range of topics in self-reflection which often overlap with the topics that drove Kristeva out of any attempt to be Maoist. Fortunately for us, we can refer back to writings and actions more than 20 years ago to check whether the other whirlpools have disoriented us completely.

Also included in the small whirlpool is the fact that the enemy infiltrates us and tells us to stop doing what we do, but we maintain our standards. The Hoxhaites and similarly deluded people would say we can eliminate infiltration the same way Mao was supposed to eliminate the bourgeoisie from the party. Yet if Mao with all his state power could not eliminate the bourgeoisie from the party, MIM is not going to be able to build a movement and oust spies that outnumber and outresource us. This is a question of maturity, signs of which we see lacking. The question is not whether we can boycott our way out of infiltration. The question is whether the spies succeed in wearing us down and changing what we as Maoists would normally say and do. One Bush appendage has abandoned any attempt to apply the principal contradiction and has thus demonstrably fallen off course. We have advocated tossing as many people as it takes to right the ship.

Another question in this whirlpool of thought is the Liberal bromide about “chilling dissent.” Even if we as individuals succeed in staying on course as spies try to wear us down, the fact would be that MIM’s telling people about spies will deter some people from reading our articles. So even if we speak, the audience would be limited by the state, which thus limits our freedom of assembly. The Democrats and Republicans are allowed to take the votes of people who barely pay any attention to politics, but we communists are not allowed to appear in such form, because the truth about spying scares people off as potential audience. The population will be allowed to read pornography, such as Cosmo magazine or grocery tabloids,  but the state will try to scare people off from MIM and MIM Lite articles.

The second whirlpool stems from Bush Sr. days in office. The enemy flushed us down that large toilet, but the swirl is intersecting in the last 10 years with an even larger whirlpool. This has led to much confusion among those trying to follow what is happening with MIM leaders.

The largest whirlpool is so large that not even the imperialists feel in control swirling in this whirlpool. At the moment, it appears imperialists are uniting to move in a certain direction, but it took a long time. To those who think MIM is just disoriented in its own small whirlpool, we would suggest looking at some of the other objects swirling around. No one persyn has it “all under control.”

Mao’s version of dialectics is not just to say the earth is a bunch of merged toilet bowls. He taught us discipline with his idea of principal contradiction. In the last 10 years, the colossal toilet bowl has swept up everything else. The principal contradiction resides with  it and limits MIM’s freedom of action in the other whirlpools.

Those opposing dialectics do not see struggles as tangible in any relationship to their methodology. Mao says that struggles are tangible and we need to prioritize among them. Some causes, factors or struggles drag along others. That is a truth about reality, not a delusion of dialecticians. Reality is not cut up into equal-sized and separate toilet bowls that we can go and sit on as we choose to evaluate the merits of each one. In the case of just itty-bitty MIM, a number of toilet bowls of various sizes are merged together in the attempt of the imperialists to flush the same people down the toilet.


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