Obama’s race speech

March 19, 2008

Only 8% of the public approves of Barack Obama’s pastor,(1) Jeremiah Wright, who has made some remarks in favor of the oppressed and exploited globally. Wright has at least on occasion taken strong stands against racism and chauvinism, stands that Obama has now condemned in a speech on race.

Obama’s speech is an excellent marker for all political activists inside U.$. borders. After all the analysis and theoretical argument, in the end, it comes down to that Obama cannot win with 8%. As a result, all of Obama’s arguments match almost to a “t” the arguments of the left-wing of parasitism opposing MIM over 25 years.

Former Clinton consultant Dick Morris hit the nail on the head: “Because he’s a black Chicago politician who comes from a mixed marriage and went to Columbia and Harvard. Suspected of not being black enough or sufficiently tied to the minority community, he needed the networking opportunities Wright afforded him in his church to get elected. If he had not risen to the top of Chicago black politics, we would never have heard of him. . . . Americans will gradually realize that Obama stuck by Wright as part of a need to get ahead. They will chalk up to pragmatism why he was so close to such a preacher. As they come to realize that Obama doesn’t agree with Wright but used him to get started, they will be more forgiving.”(2)

MIM Lite appreciates this statement from Morris very much, because it explains to the international proletariat the political reality that is only the expression of class reality in the united $tates. Stand with the oppressed and international proletariat like Wright and obtain 8% support. To win an election, one must ally with another 43 percentage points somewhere, and that is why Obama took up the outlook of the Black petty-bourgeoisie and also the white petty-bourgeoisie in opposition to Wright. Obama has to use the 8% to accomplish the goals of Amerikan exploiters. The 8% is actually much more in line with international public opinion, but that won’t win an election and so the left-wing of parasitism does the Obama two-step.

72% disapprove of Pastor Wright. Realistically 40 of those 72 percentage points are probably going to vote for McCain no matter what. So the only question is whether the other 32 percentage points decide to prioritize negative feelings about Wright. They will have to decide on Obama as a package deal.

By adopting the outlook of the Black petty-bourgeoisie, Obama can take up Pollyanish patriotism. By increased exploitation of the rest of the world, the united $tates did improve the position of the Black petty-bourgeoisie, which even resents the Black lumpen at times.

MIM Lite has a different outlook. For us, U.$. imperialism IS dynamic– dynamically moribund, dynamically decadent and dynamically militarist. We can see a ten-fold increase in Black imprisonment while we fantasize about Black petty-bourgeois progress since Jim Crow days. Even better, the united $tates has gone from using axes and muskets to murder indigenous people to using nuclear weapons against Japan in 1945. That is dynamic, not static.

The other road is Obama’s. The left-wing of parasitism should read his speech carefully and answer honestly why we need their pseudo-Marxism when we already have Democrats. It takes no great Marxist science to know that 8% cannot win an election. On the other hand, Gore needed every vote in 2000 and Obama has to deliver something to that 8% also. However, we do not need Marxist internationalism to do that. All it takes is the Democratic Party–no need for the other organizations claiming Marxism.


2. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/political_commentary/commentary_by_dick_morris/pastor_wright_this_too_shall_pass


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