Honesty recovery therapy: saying ” ‘ho ” three times fast

March 22, 2008

Christmas comes early: ‘Ho, ‘ho, ‘ho

MIM Lite has a sense of humor. There is something deliciously funny about “Spitzer girl”‘s immediate fame and fortune including the loss of some fortune when it turned out that she had already posed nude in a “Girls Gone Wild” video.(1) Brainwashed here, we get the humor the same way we pick up on countless drug jokes while not partaking in drugs. However, for MIM Lite, the humor is subtle, not overriding or an endpoint. For those thinking “bang someone famous, create a scandal and then cash in,” the question is whether one has enough sense not to think that sex really is business, even if “that’s the way it is” right now. A good reference point is going into denial on the Western ‘ho question while going out of the way to support liberation of Iranian or Afghan wimmin while sitting in the West. A Phyllis Chesler will pass on the ‘ho question while agitating on oppression of Islamic wimmin.


No Taliban ever gave a Heather Mills $48 million.


Hamas is not to blame for Jessica Hahn’s fortune.


Monica Lewinksy is not an Iranian TV host.(2)

It were as if people assumed that the prostitute Ashley Dupre’s (“Spitzer girl’s”) five minutes of fame have no impact on anything. There is no thought that with such as a daily occurrence in the United $tates, all social relations are affected. No one wonders if females can separate sex and business. That’s only for fuddy-duddy theoreticians at MIM Lite.

Amerikans are funny could be an OK conclusion by MIM Lite, but unfortunately, it does not stop there, because Amerikans had to go and be righteous about it. As of March 22 2008, there are 85 links at Google News for “International Women’s Day” and “Afghanistan.” In the first ten, four are from the U.$. Government, including two military publications. Another is Fox News. They found echo in other publications falsely claiming Marxism. White nationalist unity says that not only is “Spitzer girl” delicious fun, but also Amerikans should go impose that lifestyle on Afghanistan.

What ends up happening is simple Amerikkkan patriotism in the name of feminism. No one pointed out the ‘ho question on International Wimmin’s Day. That would hurt people’s feelings. Pussy-whipped, mother-whipped and cult-of-Mary-influenced men cannot dare to criticize even within alleged Marxist internationalism. It’s not surprising, because if Heather Mills is worth $8 million a year, we cannot expect Western men to come up with an ideology other than blind worship of their own porno-ized females.

1. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hiYsf9j2n6Qg8Icr1LLWM-XNVwrgD8VGBLD00
2. http://www.usatoday.com/life/television/news/2003-04-20-monica_x.htm


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