Credit where credit is due

March 28, 2008

Putting aside MIM Lite’s disappointments with the Western communist movement and its failed united front with the Third World, MIM Lite should acknowledge being part of an impressive domestic united front. It’s not that we have failed to notice.

There is a substantial libertarian impulse in the united $tates, but most of the time it fails to overcome its obstacles. For historical reasons MIM became inserted into a very unusual united front. We can see the people dug in in the trenches with us. Some of the people at the heavier pieces of artillery are going so far as to dare the enemy to attack.

In 2008, even the astrological patriotic organization copied others on how to dig in beside us. The present writer is still not sure the astrologists knew what they were copying. Also digging in with us were some writers at a patriotic youth organization that MIM Lite usually criticizes for its pretensions. There has been a widespread recognition that a certain kind of attack should not go down. Many had the sense to think of the larger implications of what would happen if MIM ended up flushed down the toilet in a certain manner. Usually the question would slip through the cracks, but this time circumstances and struggle intervened on the side of a solid united front like MIM Lite has not seen before.

Non-communists should probably ignore MIM Lite’s bile in connection to the communist movement. MIM Lite is indeed already tasting better.

What the non-communists know about MIM’s secrets is impressive. Most of the time we have suffered from declassifications that our enemies took advantage of. On the other hand, it is clear that some non-communists can fill in for MIM Lite in key struggles in a pinch. That is the extent of existing knowledge of MIM’s situation.


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