Osama Bin Laden says to fight in Iraq for Palestine

March 28, 2008

An I$raeli paper reported on a March statement by Osama Bin Laden. Most reports left out too much material from the Osama Bin Laden statement.

The paper explained:

“Among what Al-Jazeera newscasters said were excerpts from a new recording, Bin-Laden said: ‘My speech is about the Gaza siege and the way to retrieve it and the rest of Palestine from the hands of the Zionist enemy. Our enemies did not take it by negotiations and dialog, but with fire and iron. And this is the way to get it back.’

“The Saudi-born Islamic fundamentalist linked the jihad against Israel with the Iraqi insurgency: ‘The nearest field of jihad today to support our people in Palestine is the Iraqi field.’

“Bin-Laden added that those of ‘our brothers in Palestine who could not join the jihad in the land of Al-Quds [Jerusalem]’ should ‘get rid of illusions of political parties and groups which are mired in trickery of the blasphemous democracy and to take their positions among the ranks of the mujahideen in Iraq.'”(1)

We do not want anyone to offer services to Al Qaeda in the united $tates, because it will turn out to be an undercover FBI agent. However, we should understand that Osama Bin Laden’s message is an example of internationalism.

The neo-Nazis including “National Bolsheviks” do not understand this message, because they are hung up over borders. In contrast, Osama Bin Laden says to show up in ungovernable Iraq to advance the cause of Palestinians.

There is a slowly growing recognition among Western communists that the more radical Muslims are in fact offering internationalism that makes the Western communist movement look bad.  Some of MIM’s fiercest critics are slowly tacking for a different line.

Osama Bin Laden has also tried to explain to us the local conditions. What we in the West do not know for instance is that there has been no Shiite government in an Arab country for 800 years.(2) Now there is one in Iraq thanks to the U.$. occupation. So, when we suddenly see a Shiite government, then we have to wonder if that is on account of lackey service to the united $tates or Great Satan as Iran rightly calls it. Such thoughts will cause many in Iraq distress.

The Iraqi Shiites themselves will not be happy being thought of as Great Satan’s lackeys. So there is civil war brewing. One analyst has said it will be “Lebanon on steroids.”(3)

As we wrote this article, the New York Times reported on U.$. airstrikes on a portion of Iraq’s Shiites.(4) This will prove to Shiites that some among them depend on Great Satan for support.

If Iraq goes into civil war to oust all U.$. lackeys, it will be on account of a lack of proletariat in the united $tates. Even though the Amerikan people are not thrilled with the Iraq War, they are not mobilized enough to prevent a civil war in Iraq. It comes down to the conscience of Amerikan politicians.

Senator McCain can go on pretending that U.$. troops will prevent the civil war, because there is no on-fire proletariat here to make him pay for that politically. Likewise, among our supposed Marxists there is rampant confusion which amounts to a sectarian attitude toward the Iraqi people. These Trotskyist and Trotsky-influenced organizations see nothing worth assisting with, because they see only the names of the mosques the Iraqi people attend, and they do not say, “4th International.”

Even if some leaders in Iraq would like to wait on the question of civil war till after U.$. elections, there is no guarantee that a hugely destructive civil war to oust U.$. influence will not occur in the meantime. The people of Iraq are not like Amerikans–well-fed, with good clothing and a roof over their heads and expecting their politicians to entertain them a la Mark Spitzer. The people of Iraq have much more serious questions on their mind, including the status of the Palestinians.


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