April 13, 2008

Mao said that the first thing we have to do is separate our friends and enemies.

At this moment, MIM Lite is unable to separate friends from enemies and as a result our ground game is in tatters. So we need to underscore what we said in the last posting.

We are used to operating in a stable environment. Now we have many more friends than usual, but we treat them as enemies and that has to be frustrating for them.

Our only defense is that to grind us down to this point of disorientation, the enemy had to spend much in resources and then suffer major blowback. Though we are not in position to win by having a revolution right now, a few people can cost the enemy quite a bit.

Some of the people now appearing as friends may be new secret enemies and we just do not have the ability to discern at the moment.

We are going to coast without giving up our strategic position. Our apologies go to those we have wronged during this new period for us.

We would say to our international friends that we are in strong position which is why we are trying to emphasize conserving it and not making more mistakes. Even as we retreat, we hold the ability to deal new setbacks to the enemy.

With much swirling about us, our international friends should avoid public association with us. It’s possible that we will be discredited with a new campaign of calumny. With MIM Lite on vacation, and card initiation in others’ hands we minimize risks. MIM Lite’s ground and public Internet game will pause, except as necessary for counter-attacks. We may continue to operate in the background.

The original MIM website was good, and that is another reason we need to admit to disorientation and an inability to sort out enemies and friends in the new situation. It’s a kind of cross-time accountability.



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