Retirement May 19 2008

May 16, 2008

On May 19 2008, MIM Lite will retire from politics.

In a materialist spirit, we have pointed to various people who have the inherent position to take over from us. The judgments of those we have pointed to for more tasks may be somewhat different than ours, but the required awareness is available.

At this time, the international proletariat has earned the greatest flattery we have seen since 1980. To cool down the struggle, the imperialists found it necessary to prop up Barack Obama and even pay for his attempt to win over the reactionary elements of society found in the white “working class.” There is no greater dust to throw in the eyes of the oppressed than this multi-millionaire trained in all the counter-insurgency arts of the left-wing of parasitism.

Up to now, it was the Clinton family who had studied communism the most to defeat it. They did not fear an intellectual image. Now the imperialists are closer to selecting as president a member of the Kennedy wing of finance capital than they have been since 1968.

The lurch toward the Kennedy wing would not have occurred without the fighting by the Islamic Resistance and anti-Amerikan organization of the national bourgeoisie globally. As long as the revolutionaries remember that there are not five people with revolutionary judgment ability in the united $tates, they will be fine. We only try to report the situation.

The Kennedy mystique connected to two assassinations is useful knowledge for the international working class, to dispell illusions. Yes, “they” out there can assassinate even the U.$. president and a senator from the leading family. This shows that there are various forces at work in society, that those at the top are not totally in control. However, what is most important about the Kennedy family is its advancement of intelligence techiques in class struggle against the globally exploited. The role of the Kennedys is to befuddle the oppressed and exploited with psy-war and covert operations. Despite this, the fact that this is so is not hidden from view. A visit to the public museum near Fort Bragg will demonstrate the leading role of the Kennedys in oppression.

The McCain wing of imperialism is active at this time, because U.$. imperialism has decided at the collective level that it must move somewhere at least somewhat to avoid being a sitting duck for anti-Amerikan fire. According to the State Department, the race between Clinton and Obama has been good for five points in global opinion polls of U.$. image. Likewise, the Obama vs. McCain contest will serve in an attempt to blame all of Amerikan imperialism’s ills on George W. Bush.  This trick is something that the globally oppressed should not fall for. The problem is that Amerikans are bourgeoisified and the plurality of the world’s exploiters without much concrete everyday sense of the world’s majority of exploited.

Obama also campaigned in West Virginia to expand the military. He will no doubt attempt to shoe-horn more oppressed nationality people into the empire, especially as cannon fodder. His overall view is to confuse the distribution of super-profits to privileged minorities inside U.$. borders with a progressive dynamism he attributes to the white working class. His road is that of Martin Luther King super-profit re-distribution. The upside is that we can always hope that Obama’s success will siphon off the last of the phony Marxists and make them come out in the open for their true party leader–Howard Dean.

The Democrats are likely to add some Bo Weevils to their southern contingent in the Congress. The public may decide with Democrats in charge in Congress, they want McCain as president. No one can say for sure at this point. The Republicans will have to offer some changes to be “competitive.”

International readers will note that even with an approval rating of Congress in the teens and Bush in the twenties, with over 80% saying the country is “off track,” there is no raucous presence in the streets as there would be in many countries with a younger and more exploited profile. Even at this time, the changes the united $tates will go through will be minimal, more image than substance, because there is no white proletariat.

When forced, we will respond to noteworthy political events through imperialist channels. We forfeit any leadership role going forward.


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