Re-opening a purge case

March 25, 2008

I have it from two sources that I want to believe that MIM overstated its case against a liaison MIM purged. Hence, I will restate the case leaving out the false parts.

1) The comrade refused a particular assignment which she knew was grounds for purging, so she wanted to be purged on some level and in refusing the task specifically said she did “not trust” the leadership.

2) The comrade was suspected of planning a quick and unauthorized departure from her cell anyway.

3) Soon after the purge, MIM learned that she had provided false identification to the party and never corrected it over years.

4) We suspect but would have difficulty proving in an absolutely clear way that she released a unique piece of information about the party created for her benefit.

As one can imagine, point 3 led to false charges against the liaison.

Scuttlebutt received back says that the leadership had “persynal” reasons to placate another comrade in conflict with the liaison, and thus the purge. This has to do with the general lack of method among Amerikans in their thinking, because they prefer pragmatist empiricism to method. The easier course would have been to keep the comrade around–less boil, bubble, toil and trouble–but then the same variations of Liberal wags would have said MIM did that also for persynal reasons of a more classic sort. So no matter what was done, purge or not purge, we can be sure that the pragmatist empiricists would have generated bullshit psychological reasons for why it happened.

That’s why it is important to form policy based on theory and a general factual knowledge of populations and stick to policy. People who always do after the fact (post-hoc) justification on an individual basis are absolutely the worst. In MIM’s experience, thanks to the influence of pseudo-anarchism, ultra-democracy and bourgeois Liberalism there is no where in the united $tates a leadership capable of doing that much–formulating policy in a scientific fashion.

In point of post-hoc, psychological fact, the comrade in conflict with the liaison provided a relative defense of the liaison. However, when one is so pseudo-anarchist by habit that one provides false information to the party, one cannot expect not to be highly suspected.

That said, in the overall picture, the liaison case is absolutely one of the bright spots if reports are true, despite a total lack of Leninism. Nonetheless, we claim credit for having made the right decision.

“Bad-jacketing” someone not in an armed struggle who has so many strikes against her otherwise is a sort of overkill concern. In this case, when she was purged, the “colossal toilet bowl” had already filled with water and flushed once completely. The liaison was not aware of that fact, but “trust” was going to have to be in infinite supply. So we have not just a post-hoc individualist justification for the purge, but also another policy concern specific to the struggles of that time and Leninism generally.

The comrade in question did display a nagging sense that she was wrong and that the party needed greater help. And as we say, if reports are true, then she was truly a relative bright spot compared with other things that happened in the MIM picture. For us, that is a vindication of the purge; although, it would be interesting to hear her side of it. There was no intermediate stage possible where say people learn to trust each other under fire at the barricades or in a trade union march sniped on by police. Hence, purge was the right decision.


Your concerns

March 23, 2008

There have been many expressions of concern about the present writer persynally.

Earlier this year, I received an important bit of persynal information but in a maximally Spectacle-laden context. It was totally unnecessary for that transfer of information to occur that way and even more importantly, the usual culprits are responsible for supporting to the hilt what was irresponsible about it over years of time. Readers cannot expect me to be happy about that or shrug it off.

On the other hand, there is a sense of shame that despite accomplishments in the last two years, this matter seems to weigh more heavily than more important matters. Comrades’ sense of well-being should be more closely tied to that of the international proletariat overall and I take blame on this score.

I often recall this picture and the reports of Iraqis defending their country being slaughtered by well-armed Amerikans. In military terms, even if a comrade has been shot in the leg, she should still fight on. Likewise, this MIM Lite comrade is on the offensive and has important things to do in 2008 and our readers should rest assured that I know it.

Regarding suggestions that the comrade seek psychological counselling, psychologists have a history of spying on communists, including in private sessions. In fact, the incident of concern also involved a psychologist and social worker who broke the policies of her organization to deal with MIM through a white nationalist means.

Some have wondered why I do not start a new business or job. This is not uncomplicated to do at this moment.

Regarding the search for a significant other, I have been flabbergasted by the help on this score. A few years ago, a friend tried to have me use un-pc means of getting into an affair. However, what is right to do is all relative to context and had our roles been reversed, I would have done the same.

In the last two years, I have encountered many attractive people who know my dirty secrets and find me. I have meant no offense or rejection of anyone. What is right to do is not all that clear-cut.

I do not need counselling, but anyone who has visited with me before is welcome to visit again and socialize.

Christmas comes early: ‘Ho, ‘ho, ‘ho

MIM Lite has a sense of humor. There is something deliciously funny about “Spitzer girl”‘s immediate fame and fortune including the loss of some fortune when it turned out that she had already posed nude in a “Girls Gone Wild” video.(1) Brainwashed here, we get the humor the same way we pick up on countless drug jokes while not partaking in drugs. However, for MIM Lite, the humor is subtle, not overriding or an endpoint. For those thinking “bang someone famous, create a scandal and then cash in,” the question is whether one has enough sense not to think that sex really is business, even if “that’s the way it is” right now. A good reference point is going into denial on the Western ‘ho question while going out of the way to support liberation of Iranian or Afghan wimmin while sitting in the West. A Phyllis Chesler will pass on the ‘ho question while agitating on oppression of Islamic wimmin.


No Taliban ever gave a Heather Mills $48 million.


Hamas is not to blame for Jessica Hahn’s fortune.


Monica Lewinksy is not an Iranian TV host.(2)

It were as if people assumed that the prostitute Ashley Dupre’s (“Spitzer girl’s”) five minutes of fame have no impact on anything. There is no thought that with such as a daily occurrence in the United $tates, all social relations are affected. No one wonders if females can separate sex and business. That’s only for fuddy-duddy theoreticians at MIM Lite.

Amerikans are funny could be an OK conclusion by MIM Lite, but unfortunately, it does not stop there, because Amerikans had to go and be righteous about it. As of March 22 2008, there are 85 links at Google News for “International Women’s Day” and “Afghanistan.” In the first ten, four are from the U.$. Government, including two military publications. Another is Fox News. They found echo in other publications falsely claiming Marxism. White nationalist unity says that not only is “Spitzer girl” delicious fun, but also Amerikans should go impose that lifestyle on Afghanistan.

What ends up happening is simple Amerikkkan patriotism in the name of feminism. No one pointed out the ‘ho question on International Wimmin’s Day. That would hurt people’s feelings. Pussy-whipped, mother-whipped and cult-of-Mary-influenced men cannot dare to criticize even within alleged Marxist internationalism. It’s not surprising, because if Heather Mills is worth $8 million a year, we cannot expect Western men to come up with an ideology other than blind worship of their own porno-ized females.


Obama’s race speech

March 19, 2008

Only 8% of the public approves of Barack Obama’s pastor,(1) Jeremiah Wright, who has made some remarks in favor of the oppressed and exploited globally. Wright has at least on occasion taken strong stands against racism and chauvinism, stands that Obama has now condemned in a speech on race.

Obama’s speech is an excellent marker for all political activists inside U.$. borders. After all the analysis and theoretical argument, in the end, it comes down to that Obama cannot win with 8%. As a result, all of Obama’s arguments match almost to a “t” the arguments of the left-wing of parasitism opposing MIM over 25 years.

Former Clinton consultant Dick Morris hit the nail on the head: “Because he’s a black Chicago politician who comes from a mixed marriage and went to Columbia and Harvard. Suspected of not being black enough or sufficiently tied to the minority community, he needed the networking opportunities Wright afforded him in his church to get elected. If he had not risen to the top of Chicago black politics, we would never have heard of him. . . . Americans will gradually realize that Obama stuck by Wright as part of a need to get ahead. They will chalk up to pragmatism why he was so close to such a preacher. As they come to realize that Obama doesn’t agree with Wright but used him to get started, they will be more forgiving.”(2)

MIM Lite appreciates this statement from Morris very much, because it explains to the international proletariat the political reality that is only the expression of class reality in the united $tates. Stand with the oppressed and international proletariat like Wright and obtain 8% support. To win an election, one must ally with another 43 percentage points somewhere, and that is why Obama took up the outlook of the Black petty-bourgeoisie and also the white petty-bourgeoisie in opposition to Wright. Obama has to use the 8% to accomplish the goals of Amerikan exploiters. The 8% is actually much more in line with international public opinion, but that won’t win an election and so the left-wing of parasitism does the Obama two-step.

72% disapprove of Pastor Wright. Realistically 40 of those 72 percentage points are probably going to vote for McCain no matter what. So the only question is whether the other 32 percentage points decide to prioritize negative feelings about Wright. They will have to decide on Obama as a package deal.

By adopting the outlook of the Black petty-bourgeoisie, Obama can take up Pollyanish patriotism. By increased exploitation of the rest of the world, the united $tates did improve the position of the Black petty-bourgeoisie, which even resents the Black lumpen at times.

MIM Lite has a different outlook. For us, U.$. imperialism IS dynamic– dynamically moribund, dynamically decadent and dynamically militarist. We can see a ten-fold increase in Black imprisonment while we fantasize about Black petty-bourgeois progress since Jim Crow days. Even better, the united $tates has gone from using axes and muskets to murder indigenous people to using nuclear weapons against Japan in 1945. That is dynamic, not static.

The other road is Obama’s. The left-wing of parasitism should read his speech carefully and answer honestly why we need their pseudo-Marxism when we already have Democrats. It takes no great Marxist science to know that 8% cannot win an election. On the other hand, Gore needed every vote in 2000 and Obama has to deliver something to that 8% also. However, we do not need Marxist internationalism to do that. All it takes is the Democratic Party–no need for the other organizations claiming Marxism.



In the last 10 years, MIM has been the intersection of three whirlpools. One we can picture as a small toilet bowl whirlpool, another is a large one and a third is a colossal one.

The smallest whirlpool is created by ourselves, covering a range of topics in self-reflection which often overlap with the topics that drove Kristeva out of any attempt to be Maoist. Fortunately for us, we can refer back to writings and actions more than 20 years ago to check whether the other whirlpools have disoriented us completely.

Also included in the small whirlpool is the fact that the enemy infiltrates us and tells us to stop doing what we do, but we maintain our standards. The Hoxhaites and similarly deluded people would say we can eliminate infiltration the same way Mao was supposed to eliminate the bourgeoisie from the party. Yet if Mao with all his state power could not eliminate the bourgeoisie from the party, MIM is not going to be able to build a movement and oust spies that outnumber and outresource us. This is a question of maturity, signs of which we see lacking. The question is not whether we can boycott our way out of infiltration. The question is whether the spies succeed in wearing us down and changing what we as Maoists would normally say and do. One Bush appendage has abandoned any attempt to apply the principal contradiction and has thus demonstrably fallen off course. We have advocated tossing as many people as it takes to right the ship.

Another question in this whirlpool of thought is the Liberal bromide about “chilling dissent.” Even if we as individuals succeed in staying on course as spies try to wear us down, the fact would be that MIM’s telling people about spies will deter some people from reading our articles. So even if we speak, the audience would be limited by the state, which thus limits our freedom of assembly. The Democrats and Republicans are allowed to take the votes of people who barely pay any attention to politics, but we communists are not allowed to appear in such form, because the truth about spying scares people off as potential audience. The population will be allowed to read pornography, such as Cosmo magazine or grocery tabloids,  but the state will try to scare people off from MIM and MIM Lite articles.

The second whirlpool stems from Bush Sr. days in office. The enemy flushed us down that large toilet, but the swirl is intersecting in the last 10 years with an even larger whirlpool. This has led to much confusion among those trying to follow what is happening with MIM leaders.

The largest whirlpool is so large that not even the imperialists feel in control swirling in this whirlpool. At the moment, it appears imperialists are uniting to move in a certain direction, but it took a long time. To those who think MIM is just disoriented in its own small whirlpool, we would suggest looking at some of the other objects swirling around. No one persyn has it “all under control.”

Mao’s version of dialectics is not just to say the earth is a bunch of merged toilet bowls. He taught us discipline with his idea of principal contradiction. In the last 10 years, the colossal toilet bowl has swept up everything else. The principal contradiction resides with  it and limits MIM’s freedom of action in the other whirlpools.

Those opposing dialectics do not see struggles as tangible in any relationship to their methodology. Mao says that struggles are tangible and we need to prioritize among them. Some causes, factors or struggles drag along others. That is a truth about reality, not a delusion of dialecticians. Reality is not cut up into equal-sized and separate toilet bowls that we can go and sit on as we choose to evaluate the merits of each one. In the case of just itty-bitty MIM, a number of toilet bowls of various sizes are merged together in the attempt of the imperialists to flush the same people down the toilet.

In our decision to set up the MIM Lite website, we considered the murk created by spymasters, especially murk that lived long past its original intentions and became entangled with death threats against MIM leaders or possibilities for misrepresenting MIM as waging retaliatory death threats.

Since our Kobe Bryant thought experiment challenge, we have made some progress in clearing up some of the murk, no thanks to Russia or Bush appendages as far as we know. Serbia should know that its Russian ally preferred Amerikan allies to it.

We call off our challenge in connection to Russia. We have made some progress and we have also adopted a more tightly defended position here at MIM Lite.

On March 8, International Wimmin’s Day, we continue to see U.$. organizations serve as appendages of the State Department instead of advancing revolutionary feminism. Completely in line with the State Department and even military organizations, these running dogs focus on backwardness in Islamic countries.

Our idea is different. For us, imperialism is decadent, while for the neo-conservatives, Trotskyists and others who are so ultra-Trotskyist they cannot recognize their own ideology, imperialism is advanced as are its technologically advanced workers and wimmin.

So on International Wimmin’s Day, those of us who see imperialism as decadent talk about the decadence of U.$. adult females, the oppression of children and the oppression of Third World peoples sexually by U.$. females. 

For the State Department, neo-conservatives, Phyllis Chesler and ultra-Trotskyists, International Wimmin’s Day is a day to make U.$. adult females feel good by bashing Iran and Afghanistan. Seeing wimmin and workers of the united $tates as technologically and socially advanced leads to patriotism, Phyllis Chesler style.

In contrast, real Marxist-Leninist-Maoists apply Marxism against the theory of the productive forces–with attention to local conditions. We do not believe that U.$. females are so “advanced.” Rather they are economically comfortable and inclined to believe they deserve that comfort and that there must be something wrong with wimmin in Third World countries if they do not enjoy that comfort.

It all comes down to whether Lenin and Sultan-Galiev were correct that imperialism is decadent or whether they were old farts and sourpusses and imperialism actually continues to advance as Trotsky argued. Those who stress capital accumulation and the advance of the productive forces (technology included) are in Trotsky’s boat whether they know it or not.

True, Amerikan females have gained superior access to education and the economy and even surpass males in education now. Yet, we have argued that that is an economic factor related to how the united $tates has taken workers from other countries and bourgeoisified them here, mostly as petty-bourgeoisie. Economic wealth is not proof of wimmin’s liberation.

Most foreigners judging Amerikan females find them lacking in moral reasoning of any kind. The reason is that relatively speaking, Amerikan females are lacking in moral reasoning, because they come from a socially decadent country that happens to enjoy a great living standard based on parasitism.

The Trotskyists believe that Amerikans being so advanced they are exploited more as workers and contribute more than enough labor to form their living standard. On a corresponding basis, they hold that Amerikan female moral behaviors are liberated ones, not the sign of an imperialist system. Technologically advanced and liberated as wimmin, Amerikan females are justifiably proud of their international position according to Trotskyism, which has become an important disguise for patriotism.

We at MIM Lite want to see wimmin enjoy high education levels–as high as men’s–and enter the economy on an equal basis. However, we want to see that happen without exploiting the rest of the world. U.$. exploitation has gone so far along with U.$. sexual advantages, that Amerikan females are in fact gender oppressors when viewed in overall international perspective.

We have argued that the united $tates is not fascist; although, it
appears in many ways lawless. The Monica Lewinsky debacle was
pornography, the relentless drive of the Pornographic Spectacle
Machine. It’s not that the Monica Lewinsky phenomenon came from a
Christian-fascist impulse, but rather a professional voyeur
motivation. There has been no domination of one section of finance
capital that imprisons another and outlaws other bourgeois parties.
There are still legally existing Democrats, Greens, Libertarians etc.The public political class in charge of the Spectacle Machine chooses
a career in the public eye. It is an easy road to power and
remuneration relative to the self-reliant Jacobin path.

In the halls of Congress, the choice of career in the public political class means that Cynthia McKinney has guards paid for by the public.
Her safety is rather assured with only some tension at the door.
Others of different demographic background have no reason for
imagining life outside of being constantly guarded by people defending
one’s class interests.The security guards’ treatment of McKinney demonstrates that though public guarding of public officials is accepted it is not problem-free even in the professional political class. The question of standards of treatment arises. It is a leap from that question to those outside the voyeur class.

Some have said that reports of spying on Amerikans demonstrate fascism. Another possibility is that spying occurs in the interests of the professional voyeur class, the gender bureaucracy.

Gary Hart, Bill Clinton and Mark Spitzer must endure for themselves
ridicule by the public, but over time they forget that it was on
account of their choice of career and mainstream political postures.
What is difficult for the MIM Lite reader is that ideology for the
voyeur class becomes an instrumentality for remuneration. For that
matter, instrumentalism is the general rule of the professional voyeur
class, not a fascist ideology.

The professional voyeur class unconsciously seeks to impose its
standards on the public in a kind of mistaken drive for equality.
Living amidst the paparazzi, the professional voyeur class requires
its own humiliations and sacrifices of others to justify its own
choice of remuneration and fame. It must have been correct to choose the course of working for a public political salary–though of course MIM Lite would say such careers among many others are inherently parasitic.

Except in rare historical circumstances, the effective Jacobin is
resented by the professional voyeur class. This our young dragons must understand. Lawless behavior against Jacobins may not always stem from fascism. Rather law recedes into the background, subordinate to the norms and sociology of the voyeur class.

Some Jacobins will be seen as ineffective for not writing or tending to
their resumes correctly. The idea that one should study the truth for
its own sake and not link one’s vita to a version of truth before one
knows what it is is foreign to the voyeur class. Rather for the voyeur
class, the truth is something to construct or accept for digestion for
the benefit of career.

When the voyeur class knows the Jacobin by face, it is on account of
a violation of the law, declassification and endangerment of the
Jacobin’s persynal security, but obviously such are not violations of
voyeur norms. Voyeur knowledge is thus a kind of tactical defeat for
the Jacobin. Yet, oddly enough such defeat is also simultaneously an
embrace. It means that the voyeur class sees the Jacobin worthy of sweeping into the Spectacle Machine. That’s why Mao said it was an honor to be attacked. Pornography is an attack as far as the international proletariat is concerned, but it is built into every moment’s existence in the voyeur class.

Within governable imperialist countries, ultimately successful challenge to the Pornographic Spectacle Machine is yet impossible. There are only variations of pretense that some forms of instrumentality are worse than others: otherwise it would be difficult to justify tabloid sales and spying budgets. If the housewife and the whore were indistinguishable as Engels and Catharine MacKinnon tended to stress in opposition to Liberalism, because of the all-embracing nature of hierarchy so far, it would be hard to get people excited about Spitzer and sell tabloids.

The Islamic radical is a particular challenge to the voyeur class. The
Islamic radical seems to propose a naive notion of individual
uniqueness that should not be swept into a Spectacle Machine. The
Islamic radical proposes that non-pornographic uniqueness is not a
reward for career networking skills or other norms of whiteness.
Rather in a non-pornographic system, the individual of whatever
predilections or connections would be outside Western imperialism’s
pornography. Pornography-free life is not a good chosen by a virtuous
lifestyle or advance in one hierarchy or another: inherently, non-pornographic life cannot be chosen or earned, only awarded to all in a liberated system.

The amateur dynamic is the only source or basis of power in revealing
the oppression of the Spectacle Machine. The voyeur class cannot
imagine sexuality or any single part of life apart from career, income
or other if need be psychologically imaginary hierarchies that are
analagous to and compatible with white nationalist hierarchy. MIM’s
attacks on the differing levels of intrinsic desire for sex disquiet
the voyeurs. Sex for its own sake and knowledge not for a career’s
sake cannot be possible for the voyeur class. One might oppose that
people pursue sex for its own sake, but the inability to conceive it
simply makes it impossible to disentangle sex from oppressive
hierarchies. On this question, it may be that the male is in fact ahead
of the female on average: Theory still seems to be the property of the male, as no less a theorist than Kristeva points out.

Hence, for the gender bureaucracy, Mark Spitzer is only “stupid about
sex.” The underlying riff is that he does not understand the link of
success to a somewhat intangible hierarchy. Non-pornographic life is
thus to be seen as a reward for individual competence. Those writing
against Spitzer to drag him to Spectacle Machine death prove their own competence as well, their power and position in the gender
bureaucracy. When we hear that word “stupid” we should ask about
competence in what system and whether pornography-free life is
possible in individual oases of whatever basis. Left out entirely is
the nature of Spitzer’s sex life on its own intrinsic terms. There is only
career, and hence his choice can only be “stupidity.” Whichever direction the outrage goes, what is left untouched is that sex does not exist outside career, which is in fact proof that all sex is coercive. Spitzer’s “stupidity” is an uninteresting argument about an individual relative to what is being said overall about entanglements.

Fragments of the voyeur class pose as the friend of the Jacobin, even
as they hand out the Jacobin’s life information to persynal and other
enemies. If the Jacobin rejects such friendship, it will be on account
of the Jacobin’s lack of a quality on a social hierarchy: that can be
safely predicted. So the Jacobin must understand that the rules of spy
vs. spy warfare are more helpful than any dominant norms of whiteness.

In a non-pornographic society, people would have to have a long
historical memory of many firings for exposure of perysnal
information in a power hierarchy context. The rumor mill and
pornographic magazine are fundamentally no different regardless of
what voters may be saying about candidates this year. The rumor
mill demonstrates the rumor-monger’s ability to expose some aspect
of someone else. The pornography magazine demonstrates the power of the magazine corporation to expose the skin of someone else.

In some employment institutions, any career related comment must be in writing in public. Anyone caught otherwise is fired. That is one way to attack pornography, not just white nationalism. Analagous procedures in all social life would have to exist to stem pornography. Claims otherwise are hot air benefitting voyeur class profits and other
interests. Lawlessness is part of the inherent historical logic of the
voyeur class’s existence. Pornography, the oldest profession and other
social ills persist, because outside dynamics or social forces face
systematic suppression.

Over a million workers toting AK-47s in the air surrounded the U.S. Congress the night of March 13. The House of Representatives met in its fifth secret session in history in a tense atmosphere to discuss its response. The last secret session was 25 years ago.

An astrologist exhorting the crowd said, “things really started clicking when we removed the hammer and sickle from our newspaper logo.” Citizens sporting captured makeshift tanks from local police departments flanked and guarded celebrating revolutionaries on foot in the streets of DC.

“Once we blew past the locals with their more educated use of weapons against us, it was a relatively easy task to overpower the 50 million security guards of McJihad Inc. securing the Capitol,” added the astrologist, Jeb Bunker. “The 50 million guards from Pakistan reinforcing the Congress did not have a high cost of reproduction of their labor-power,” he added.

Although Jeb Bunker’s speeches drew the largest crowds in the uprising, not all were content. “We dropped the hammer and sickle for a different reason,” said one disgruntled Jeb Bunker follower  who now stresses the “mass line.” “Now we use the water cooler to replace the hammer and the coconut tree to replace the sickle, as our contribution to the application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the United States,” he added. However, a careful examination of the rebel faction’s literature shows that the logo is a topless Paris Hilton leaning on a water cooler with a bubble quote, “I get tired after proving it all night!” Underneath is the slogan “abortion free and on demand!”

Priscilla Prissy addressed the condition of females further, “I get tired of the MIM people always talking about the low morals of our females. That’s why it was so key to focus the fire on the backward wimmin of Iran and Afghanistan this International Wimmin’s Day,” Prissy said. “Jeb Bush’s speeches make me feel so good about myself after cheating on my boyfriend, slipping a laxative in my romantic competitor’s coffee and accusing my quota of minorities of rape,” she added. “It’s not that we are decadent here. It’s that they are so backward in the Islamic countries and the MIM just doesn’t get it, because they’re old white men not in tune with what young Maoists of America think today.”

From Nepal, Communist Party (Maoist) leader Prachanda hailed the developments: “Clearly, the line of the world party has been proven correct, particularly International Wimmin’s Day preparations.” “It was the timely aid to the occupation of Afghanistan that drew the best troops away from Washington, DC and allowed the rebellion to proceed relatively unmolested,” he said. “With our provocative statements supporting them, we lured the enemy deep into our territory, and exploited Americans needing refreshment at the water cooler did the rest.”

Not everyone in the crowd was a new face. Bill Clinton was in the ranks of the revolutionaries: “Our health care plan covers everybody! Know the Clintons. Love the Clintons and you will get a job!” A rank-and-file member of the Prison Guards Union Charles Graner agreed, “the thing about the MIM line is that it is all talk, nothing concrete for us.” Graner passed out business cards to cheerful passers-by.

Rumors surfaced that Barack Obama was also on the scene, but MIM Lite reporters were unable to confirm the veracity of those reports. Nonetheless, marching demonstrators chanted “change comes from below.”

A stand-off between Black supporters of Obama and other factions ended peacefully. “The profits of the telecoms are obscene,” said Bubba Bunker. “We and the Obama supporters realized we have to unite against the MIM line, on behalf of the real masses and against McJihad Inc.,” he said.

Supporters of the Obama faction and others attended an impromptu Bruce Springsteen concert on the street. “By rallying our base in the American flag-waving Bruce Springsteen fans, we were able to defeat the 50 million McJihad Inc.  guards reinforcing Congress’s security perimeter. However, now we must have vigilance against further reinforcements from Palestine, Syria, Iran and Indonesia to finally defeat the greedy condom companies raising the cost of living!” said Jeb Bunker.


This is a veiled comment that won’t make sense except to those paying attention to a lot of things.

Worst in the world.