Koreans have come a long way or have they?

February 18, 2008

Koreans have come a long way or have they?

At the end of the Korean monarchy’s existence, it found itself under the guard of Russians in the Russian legation in Korea. The Koreans were unable to guard their own monarchy.(1) The Russians lost the Russo-Japanese war and then Japan took over Korea more aggressively and ended the Korean monarchy. The Japanese assassinated Queen Min.(2)

The descendants of the monarchy settled in $outhern Korea and the United $tates. Now the United $tates guards $outhern Korea with 30,000 troops against–against Koreans and the historical notion of a joint Russian-Chinese invasion that would have left Japan facing communism in a strategic place.

Now the Koreans do not need help with guarding from the united $tates. They can blow themselves up along with the Amerikans on the peninsula in a matter of hours. So it would seem that Koreans have come a long way in the armed struggle, and one would presume independence.

That is why the endorsement of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism  (3) by Juche-oriented web pages seems all the more strange. One analyst put it this way:

“Nacazi is a transparent false flag operation intending to inject CIA configured neo-Nazism into the Left. We have to remember that it is not only the project of the CIA, et al, to attack the Left in militant ways but also, and on this occasion mainly, to lead the Left into extreme errors that cause irrepairable damage to our cause.”(4)

MIM’s guess was that this was a neo-Nazi front of Zionists trying to discredit MIM and Korea. CIA false flag operation is another good guess.

The very name of the organization is derivative of the word “Nazi.”

There is a theorist Julia Kristeva who one can almost hear saying: “MIM, MIM, MIM: I told you so. The only people you can recruit are these kinds of identity politics types, totalitarians–no scientists.”

Kristeva is factually correct, but only in the bought-off imperialist countries. The solution is to cut recruiting way, way back and focus on quality, while the main forces of anti-imperialism have their say in the Third World. 

A list of sites taken in by NACAZAI:




Koreans are better with weapons today, but there is still a hole in the politics. NACAZAI is proof that without politics in command, anything can happen.


1.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Gwan_Pa_Cheon

2.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empress_Myeongseong_of_Korea

3.  www.nacazai.org/Digest11/communismjewishsupremacy.html

4. http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/07/293401.shtml


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